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Übersicht widgets for St. Olaf helpdesk stuff
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Übersicht widgets for St. Olaf helpdesk monitor.

Widgets so far:

  • Fresh Tickets, a list of the last 7 tickets to update.
  • Unanswered Tickets, a count of the tickets without any client-visible notes.
  • Next @Helpdesk, a display of the next shift's workers.
  • Top Responders, a list of the top responders to tickets over the last 50 open and closed, excluding the staff.
  • Ticket Priority, a count of tickets based on priority.
  • Ticket Counts, a group of five ticket counting widgets:
    • Open Tickets
    • Ethernet Activation Requests
    • Assigned to Staff (uses the staff list from Top Responders)
    • Equipment Checkout
    • Classroom Technology
  • Printer Status, a (semi)live list of printer statuses across campus.

There are several background widgets that pull in data and save it to global variables under The others check every 10 seconds for new data, then re-render themselves. The background widgets update:

  • Printer Status updates every five minutes
  • Open/Closed tickets updates every minute
  • Helpdesk Workers updates once an hour

What other files are needed?

  • WhenToWork needs a 'credential' file, called whentowork.credential, in /credentials. Put your username on one line, and your password on the second.
  • For snmpGet to work, you must be on the IT network. That usually means being hard-wired in the helpdesk istelf.
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