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[...] part of a new feedback system for CS courses at St. Olaf


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What is it?

The first phase of world domination, of course!

No, really.

You're no fun, are you? Fine. If you must know, it's part of a new feedback system for CS courses at St. Olaf.


We've got a Python virtual environment set up for this, so that you don't need to muck with your global python installation:

source bin/activate       # bash
source bin/activate.csh   # csh
source bin/  # fish

After you're in the venv, make sure to install the requirements we have:

make init


Goal: Provide more immediate feedback to students about their homework submissions. Un-goal: Remove human graders from the feedback loop.

  • Student submits homework: git commit -m "submit hw13 complete" and git push origin master
  • Stogit sees a new commit and notifies a webhook:
  • referee now has control of the process!
    • It checks to see if the commit came from a stogit group that we care about
    • Then it loads the appropriate course definitions
    • It checks the commit message against something, to see if it needs to care about it: something like (hw|lab).*complete$
    • If the commit makes it here, we send the student an email confirming that they successfully submitted homework
    • Now we load a spec file for the appropriate course:
      • Check to see if folder exists
      • For each file that we expect, check to see if it's there
      • Also check for common misspellings and case-sensitivity
      • Also check for the filename in other folders? Might provide too many false positives
      • Lint each file, with custom syntax-checker, cpplint/cppcheck, and a style checker?
      • Try to compile each file
      • Test files as appropriate
  • Done! Send student an email with feedback from each successful step and the failed step. Stop processing as soon as an error occurs.


[...] part of a new feedback system for CS courses at St. Olaf







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