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Scripts for fixing firefox locks, printing, timing algorithms, and checking your quota.
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Soren’s CS Lab Scripts

This repository lives in ~bjornsta/bin on the St. Olaf users directory. Anyone with lab access can copy or run scripts directly from that directory (just do ~bjornsta/bin/scriptname <arguments>).

Script descriptions

  • cs241_setup: Bash version of the csh script for Hardware Design. (If you’re not sure what that is, you don’t need it.)
  • fix_lockfiles: Delete old Firefox lockfiles preventing Firefox from opening without having to remember the directories or commands. Just run the script and try again.
  • print_rns202: Works on Linux and will probably work on OS X. Copy this script onto your personal machine and set the SSHTO variable at the top of the file to the string you use to ssh to a CS lab computer (e.g., You can now use print\_rns202 filename to print a file directly to the CS lab printer from your personal machine.
  • timer_table: For Algorithms, try running several executables with various input sizes and keep track of the number of cycles they take to run. See timer_table --help for further information.
  • warn_quota: Check to make sure you aren’t approaching your quota. The best way to use this is to put it in your ~/.cshrc or ~/.bashrc so that it runs the check every time you open a terminal. (If you’re not close to your quota, there is no output at all, so it won’t be annoying.) You can just place ~bjornsta/bin/warn_quota at the end of the file to start using it.

(Some of these scripts were renamed when I cleaned this up for StoDevX; all of those that I think other people were using have had aliases and warning messages added.)


Send bug reports or questions to

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