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From https://github.com/stocksharp/stocksharp/blob/master/_ReleaseNotes/CHANGE_LOG_API.md#v4328

(feature) SecurityGrid. PriceChartEditor. Provider is non mandatory.
(feature) LMAX, Oanda, IB. Uses MarketDataMessage.BuildCandlesField.
(bug) BitStamp. Market data fix.
(bug) FIX protocol. Exante market-data fix.
(feature) Binary storage. Support non adjust prices for order book and level1.
(bug) FIX connector. Position average price receive fix.
(bug) FIX connector. Order book gathering fix.
(bug) FIX connector. Check input values while logon.
(bug) QuikLua. Fix CurrentValue for money positions http://stocksharp.ru/posts/m/41082/
(feature) IQFeed. Security file parsing into separate thread.
(bug) Alerts fixes.
(bug) BTCE. Fix security price step.
(bug) SecurityCreateWindow fix.
(feature) Storage. Turned off saving active candles.
(bug) Storage. Fix filter first data.
(bug) SecurityGrid. Removed obsolete bindings and fix sorting.
(bug) BTCE. Fix market-data only mode.
(bug) IQFeed. Connection error handling fix.
(feature) InteractiveBrokers. Support historical ticks.
(feature) ChartAnnotation.
(bug) QuikLua. Fix candle states http://stocksharp.ru/posts/m/41144/