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Display information about stocks and brands on your site or web application
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Stockpile Modal

Display information about stocks and brands on your site or web application. See the demo.



  • Gift Item An object representing a purchasable gift on Stockpile. You can think of this as a stock or security in most cases, but there may also be a specific brand tied to it, like "Microsoft Xbox" or "Amazon Kindle".

Get Started

Step 1: Get your publishable key

Send an email request to get your publishable key.

Step 2: Add modal markup and initialize the modal

Add the following markup in your site or web application. You should either add this to the page <head> or at the end of your <body>:

<script src=""></script>

In a separate <script> tag, initialize the modal with your environment and your publishable key. For your development or staging environments, you should specify the first argument as qa. For your production environment, you should specify production:

Stockpile.init('qa', 'pk_qa_0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef');

Note that the above publishable key is for demo purposes, you should request your own as described in Step 1.

Step 3: Open modal and handling close event

After initializing the modal, you need to specify when to open the modal. This will probably be done after a user clicks on some sort of link or button. For example, say you had some links that looked like this:

<a href="#" class="brand" data-gift-item-code="AAPL::::AAPL::">Apple</a>

Then you could listen for click events on those links and open the modal like this:

document.addEventListener('click', function (event) {
  var target =;
  if (!target.classList.contains('brand')) return;
  var giftItemCode = target.getAttribute('data-gift-item-code');;

After the modal is closed, a callback function will be called with the Gift Item that the user selected. If the Gift Item displayed in the modal was not selected, then giftItem will be null.

Example code to handle close event from the modal:

Stockpile.onClose(function (giftItem) {
  if (!giftItem) {
    console.log('user did not select the displayed gift item');
  } else {
    console.log('user selected the displayed giftItem...');

Here is an example giftItem object for Amazon Kindle:

  "brandName": "Kindle",
  "companyName": ", Inc.",
  "companyPopularName": "Amazon",
  "giftItemCode": "AMZN::KIND::AMZN::",
  "securitySymbol": "AMZN"
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