Angular 2 project for the Tasty bookmarking app. Built during Zanbato Hack Week
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Tasty Client

This is the frontend client for Tasty, a bookmarking web app inspired by delicious. It should be used in conjunction with tasty-server.

Currently, it supports viewing and editing bookmarks and tags, but it does not offer any authentication for user-specific data.

It is built using Angular 2 and TypeScript through angular-cli.

This project was built during Zanbato Hack Week Fall 2016.


You can use angular-cli as expected. To get the client running,

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install angular-cli globally according to its instructions
  3. Check out this repo and cd into it
  4. npm install all of the packages for this project
  5. Setup a tasty-server.
  6. Create a app/src/secrets.ts with a reference to the tasty-server e.g. export const SERVER_URL: string = 'http://localhost:10010/';
  7. Launch the client with ng serve and navigate to the site at http://localhost:4200.

For development, I ran it locally on OSX 10.11 and installed Node.js and MongoDB through Homebrew.

Additional Notes

This project has not progressed far enough to use any real build tools. angular-cli offers:

  • ng build to build the project
  • ng test to run unit tests
  • ng e2e to run end-to-end tests
  • ng github-pages:deploy to deploy to Github Pages

However, no tests have been written, and no build or deployment has been attempted