Parse Azure /LogFiles/http/RawLogs Web Server File System Logs to a SQL Database
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Azure HTTP Web Server Logs to SQL

If you enable File System Web Server logs for your Azure App Service...

Settings > Diagnostics logs > Web server logging > File System


...You'll start to see logs on the file system for your app service here:

(you can find your FTP host and credentials in the publish profile file)



Alternatively, you can see these logs through the Kudu UI:



Instead of downloading these one and a time and parsing through them, you can use this library to assist in loading them into a relational database.

You could even run this as a webjob within your app service.

Setup and Usage

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Create necessary SQL Tables
  3. Set appropriate values in AppSettings.config and ConnectionStrings.config
    • note: The AppSettings.config and ConnectionStrings.config files are referenced by the console application as Linked Files. Update the vaules in the Web project, and after a successful build they will be included in the Console project's build output directory.
  4. Run console application project OR deploy Web Project to Azure Web App/App Service (the console app is defined as a WebJob and will be deployed with the Web project, and is scheduled to run every 15 minutes).


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