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##Deprecated, see

Like most programmers, I'm most comfortable manipulating text in my editor of choice. I do a fair amount of writing though, and it needs to be accessible to non programmers, which means it really can't stay in plain text.

Enter the word processor! Unfortunately, over time I've grown very frustrated with this group of programs (MS Word, OpenOffice, et al.). Then turned to LaTeX because it gave me more control over formatting and produced beautiful looking documents. While awesome for equations and many other things, but LaTeX's syntax can be cumbersome and distract from actually getting any writing done.

Lite Write is my approach to word processing. I use it in place of a MS word, OpenOffice, and LaTeX. It is an admittedly simple setup (basically a Makefile and some bits of CSS and HTML), but allows you to:

  • Write everything in markdown!
  • Produce a PDF of your document
  • Produce an HTML version anyone can view online
  • Super simple, so its easily to expanded / extended



Deprecated, see



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