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Mod reposting websites are harmful to modders. Using them puts your computer at risk. Our goal is to lead the way and help you stay protected.


  1. 📜 A list of websites that are illegally redistributing game mods

    Python 167 44

  2. Extension Public

    The official StopModReposts browser extension

    TypeScript 1 1

  3. 📦 Mod that shows a StopModReposts notice screen then Minecraft is launched

    Java 17 9

  4. 📦 The Fabric Version of the Splash-Screen Mod

    Java 6 3

  5. Discord-Bot Public

    🤖 Official Discord Bot which makes it easy to request sites

    Python 2 2

  6. Report-API Public

    🚨 Gateway for incoming reports of sites and false-positives

    HTML 1


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