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A list of websites that are illegally redistributing Minecraft mods.
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StopModReposts is a movement against illegal redistribution of Minecraft content, mainly focused on mods. The movement consists of a website, a Twitter campaign, a list of illegal mod mirrors, and several browser plugins. We also have an IRC channel and a Twitter profile.

To report a site that might be illegally redistributing mods, please open an issue in our issue tracker or submit a pull request. We do currently target reposts of the following content types: mods, resource packs, maps, and modpacks. In addition, we target websites providing malicious Minecraft content.

Submitting Translations

We also allow translations to be submitted now. Please see the translator guide on the wiki for more information.

API / Serialized Formats

StopModReposts provides its site list in various data formats that may be useful for developers. These list formats are available by querying an external API. Please see API access and formats on the wiki for more information about this API.

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