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Releases: StorePilot/storepilot-releases

StorePilot 1.3.6

08 Jun 09:20
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  • Updated service URL

StorePilot 1.3.4

07 Sep 02:41
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  • Added support for coupons
  • Improved design for fees in order tabs
  • Fixed storing issue with settings
  • Fixed error with opening invoice & order documents

StorePilot 1.3.0

14 May 20:40
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  • Added spreadsheet export & import
  • Added picking list for orders
  • Added cross-sell & up sell selection for mobile
  • Added custom text support for invoices
  • Added support for custom order status
  • Added option to checkout uncompleted orders
  • Fixed delete last image in gallery issue
  • Fixed bug with categories in editor for mobile
  • Fixed PDF export of order documents
  • Fixed bug with copy & paste
  • Fixed bug with tax & discounts in POS
  • Fixed UX & many other improvements

StorePilot 1.2.2

01 Dec 21:02
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  • Camera support for product image upload
  • SumUp card terminal reader support
  • Fixed media manager
  • Added auto detection of rack & barcode fields from StorePilot Helper
  • Added order notes in POS
  • Removed Drag & Drop for Tablets so scrolling works better
  • Added set featured image to context menu for image gallery
  • Design improvements

StorePilot 1.2.1

23 Sep 23:08
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  • Added roles management
  • Fix of Stripe terminal integration
  • Fix of duplicate error
  • Style update

StorePilot 1.1.6

06 Aug 00:33
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  • Improved responsive design
  • Fixed icons
  • Fixed tax in Point of Sale
  • Added shipping lines to receipt & invoice
  • Added phone to customer table

StorePilot 1.1.3

24 Jul 03:16
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  • Translation / localization ready
  • Fixed Mac App Store compliance

StorePilot 1.1.0

18 Jul 11:14
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Changes 1.1.0


  • Added customer selection in POS
  • Added Stripe Terminal integration for POS (Requires helper plugin)
  • Added cash out button for calculation of amount to return
  • Added invoice document for orders
  • Added delivery notice document for orders
  • Added custom logo & invoice data support (Requires helper plugin)
  • Added loading spinner when statistics are loading
  • Added In stock / out of stock view support for product table view
  • Added barcode scanner support
  • Added tax support in POS
  • Updated receipt document for orders
  • Style fix for POS
  • Style fix for Products view
  • Jetpack does no longer cause products to show as 'updated'
  • Better responsive design
  • Displaying file name for media in media manager
  • Displaying helper plugin version in settings if installed
  • Displaying link to helper plugin installation in settings for more features if missing

Developer notice:

  • Moved to vue cli
  • Moved to electron v. 5
  • Added cordova mobile support (Successfully tested build on android)
  • Simplified file structure for components
  • less (stylesheet) support
  • Simplified string translation workflow
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary code & merged duplicated css
  • Better linting (prettier)

StorePilot 1.0.6

27 Nov 17:19
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  • Added receipt for POS
  • Made categories work better for larger stores

StorePilot 1.0.5

02 Nov 19:17
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  • Point of Sale added to make it possible to create orders [Feature]
  • Dashboard statistic navigation simplified [Feature]
  • StorePilot deeplinking added with the protocol storepilot:// [Feature]
  • Categories now lazyload at level 3 to improve performance if to many categories [Performance]
  • Price beautified in dashboard [Style]
  • Authorization is more stable for local hosted stores (development sites) [Bugfix]
  • Attributes editor is now refreshing tags and attributes after update [Bugfix]
  • Autoupdater for mac has a new fix if admin rights is needed. [Bugfix]