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The Puncta

Rating platform for students to rate their academic staff. Users can login and rate their teachers. Users specify their university and department. The system only allows users to rate their own teachers.

Monorepo Structure

Client: This is the frontend application. It uses TypeScript, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Apollo Client, Formik.

Server: The API that handles everything about database. Handles authentication too. It uses TypeScript and Nest.js with GraphQL API.

Scraper: This project scrapes all the universities and academic staff from YÖK (which only contains data from Turkey). You only need to run this project once in before initial deployment to seed the database.


Clone the git repository and cd into it.

git clone
cd ./puncta

Install dependencies. This command will install both frontend and backend dependencies in root node_modules folder.

npm i

Fill the .env files. Project needs two .env files. One is at /apps/web, other is at /apps/api folder. Just copy the .env.example files in respective directories and fill the blanks.

To start in development mode, just run npm run dev in root folder. This command will start api (GraphQL backend based on Nest.js) and web (frontend based on Next.js) projects.

Environment Variables

For the apps/web/.env file:

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_API_URL: This is the URL of the API.

For the apps/api/.env file:

  • DATABASE_URL: URL of the MySQL database. The format should be like this: mysql://USER:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT/DATABASE.
  • JWT_SECRET: This is used when generating JWT access tokens. Don't put something dummy if you're planning to deploy this application.
  • JWT_REFRESH_SECRET: Same as JWT_SECRET but this is used when generating JWT refresh tokens.
  • ADMIN_EMAIL: Email address of admin user. This user can create/read/update/delete all the resources in backend. You can use this while authenticating with the API.
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD: Again, this will be used while authenticating with the API.

For the tools/university-scraper/.env file:

  • DATABASE_URL: URL of the MySQL database. This is the same as apps/api/.env's DATABASE_URL.
  • CONCURRENT_REQUESTS: Limits the concurrent requests to YÖK's website.


GNU GPLv3 (Basically you can do whatever you want with this but you can't publish closed-source version of this project.)