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Unpacked and decompiled versions of xml- and pyc-files of WorldOfTanks
Branch: 1.7.1
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Unpacked and decompiled files of WorldOfTanks.

Each client has its own branch. In the default-branch is the latest version of the client. Micropatches that are released after the first release of the client are added only to branch of released client. This allows you to easily track all the stages of the release of the game.


  • Python py-files since client version 0.9.2
  • Game xml-files since version 0.9.12


Using PjOrion:

  • "Uncompile 6" decompiler updated by R. Bernstein and modified StranikS_Scan
  • Built-in decompressor of xml-files realized by SkepticalFox and modified StranikS_Scan


  1. Download commit to PC
  2. Run once "Zip-Unpacker.exe" to restore the original files from the zip-archive with the correct letters case in the file names and symbols codes in texts

Auto decompilation algorithm (recommendations)

  1. Replace old files with new files in the folder "source": paths.xml, version.xml
  2. Delete old files and copy new files in the folder "res"
  3. Run "WOT-UnDec.exe" to unpack and decompile the files

Manual decompilation algorithm

  1. Create a folder "source" and a subfolder "res" in it
  2. Copy files "paths.xml" and "version.xml" from game-root to a folder "source"
  3. Copy all xml-files from game folder "res" to the directory "source\res"
  4. Extract the contents of the archive "res\packages\scripts.pkg" to the directory "source\res"
  5. Decode all xml-files using PjOrion: "WOT-Client" -> "Unpack XML" -> "Unpack folder..." select "source"
  6. Decompile all pyc-files using "Uncompile6" in PjOrion: "Decompile" -> "Decompile pyc-folder..." select "source"
  7. Find and delete all pyc-files

Pull requesting to the repository (recommendations)

  1. You must clone the commit from the repository from which you want to continue the existing branch or start a new branch
  2. If you adding a new client, then create a new branch with the name as client main version "X.X.X" (do not use "CT" or "ST" unless it's a not separate special branch)
  3. Clean the existing "source" directory and put new files there using the algorithm above
  4. Change the name of the archive to the current one in the file "Zip-Packer.arg"
  5. Create an zip-archive by running the console program Zip-Packer.exe (required 7z.exe on your PC)
  6. Delete the old "zip" archive in the "zip" directory
  7. Create a commit, named as "X.X.X: Added/Updated/Release/... #YYY" or "X.X.X_CT:..."
  8. Offer a "Pull request" in the right branch

Files with different case of letters

Due to the fact that during the update of the game, the developers changed the case of the letters in the files, there may be duplicate files in the repository. To solve this problem, the "Zip-Unpacker.exe" file has been added to the repository. After downloading the repository or after synchronizing your copy of the repository with the GitHub, run this file. It will extract the py-files from the archive as they should be.

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