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StratifyLabs UI

StratifyLabs UI (SL.UI for short) is a QML UI framework inspired by Twitter Bootstrap. The goal is to provide easy-to-use, customizable QML building blocks that follow the Twitter Bootstrap look and feel including responsive elements that look great on any screen.

A full demo and documentation app is available in the releases section.

Sl.UI Buttons

Contributors Welcome

StratifyLabs UI is released under the ASL 2.0. If you are willing to release contributions under this license and would like to contribute, please let me know.

Version 2.0 is Here!

Version 1.0 got the ball rolling but version 2.0 is a huge improvement. Many of the API's are the same, but under the hood big changes have been made to make customizing and stying objects easier and more intuitive.

Porting to 2.0

If you have built some apps using the 1.0 release, I highly recommend porting to version 2.0. You will have to download the code and run the documentation app (see below for options). If you have any issues porting, please submit an issue on Github. Even though the API is the same, the porting process will take some effort but will be well worth it as the "legacy-1.0" branch will not be getting many updates but 2.0 will continue to see bug fixes and feature addtions withouth breaking any APIs.


To view the documentation, you have a couple of options:

  • Download the SL.UI app for Mac or Windows from the releases section
  • Coming Soon: Get the SL.UI Doc app from your favorite app store for Android/iOS
  • Download the source code and launch the StratifyLabs UI Doc qmlproject from Qt Creator

Screen Shots

Sl.UI Buttons Sl.UI Buttons Sl.UI Buttons Sl.UI Buttons