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EGEO is the open-source UI library used to build Stratio's UI. It includes UI Components, Utilities, Services and much more to build user interfaces quickly and with ease. The library is distributed in AoT mode.
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EGEO is the open-source component library used to build Stratio's UI. The goals are to reduce the time and complexity of interface building being more productive, improving the experience based in apply the same patterns and visuals across the whole Stratio applications being more consistent, and create a common and unified visual language that helps us to understand each other better laying the foundation for scalable growth.

In this repository, you'll find UI components, services, utilities and our official theme. You can discover more in:

  • egeo-web: The official website of Egeo where documentation will be available soon.
  • egeo-starter: A Boilerplate project prepared for work with Egeo 2.x, Angular 4.x, TypeScript, Webpack, Karma, Jasmine and Sass.

Table of contents

About this Repo

This repo includes the components, services, and utilities built in Angular. The library is compiled with AoT for distribution and each component is provided as a module that can be imported separately in your project.

Getting Started


What you need to run this app:

  • node and npm
  • Ensure you're running the latest versions Node v6.x.x and NPM 4.x.x+

What your app will need to work with Egeo:

  • angular/common ~4.2.0",
  • angular/core ~4.2.0",
  • angular/forms ~4.2.0",
  • angular/http ~4.2.0",
  • angular/platform-browser-dynamic ~4.2.0",
  • angular/Router ~4.2.0


You can install Egeo from npm:

npm i @stratio/egeo

Work with the code

You can use Npm or Yarn to work with Egeo. If you want to use Yarn, it has to be installed first as a global dependency in your local machine.

sudo npm i -g yarn

Once Yarn is installed or Npm is ready, you can install Egeo using:



npm install

How to Run

To run egeo locally you must use this commands.

yarn start


npm run start

How to Test

There is a command to start the karma server and launch the whole tests written for the library.

yarn test


npm run test

It is possible to run an individual test to avoid run the whole suite.

npm run test -- -- st-two-list

How to Build

If you want to build a distributable package you must use the build command. This will create a target folder with the distributable code of the package.

yarn build


npm run build


There are many ways to contribute to the Egeo project. Check our contribution section in the Wiki to learn more.


Egeo is distributed under the Apache 2 license. You may obtain a copy of the license here at:

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