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This is a public issue-tracking repository for bugs and confirmed features on the Stratus Network

Have a feature request? Post it on our Development Subforum!


If you find a potential exploit or vulnerability, DO NOT REPORT IT HERE:

  1. Privately contact Stratus Network administrators about the issue.
  2. Do not publicly disclose the issue under any circumstances.


  • Follow the formatting guide, and include steps to reproduce your issue
  • Search the issue tracker to ensure that your issue is not a duplicate
  • Be clear and concise in your description
  • Use a vanilla environment, making sure to remove any browser extensions or client-side mods

Do not:

  • Bump issues to receive a response (all issues are acknowledged)
  • Argue unproductively in an issue's comments
  • Re-create an issue you feel unjustly closed
  • Add comments such as 👍, +1 or "I like this idea"
  • Submit issues that are general suggestions, as opposed to specific, technical bugs or confirmed features
  • Create disrespectful or inflammatory comments


It is recommended that issues are formatted using the following template for maximum clarity and readability:


Provide a brief summary of the issue. Your title should allow users browsing the tracker to grasp the gist of your issue at a glance.


Avatars not displaying correctly in friends list


Try to separate your description into three different sections, if possible:

  1. The issue

    This section should provide a detailed explanation of the issue.

  2. Steps to reproduce

    If applicable, this section should provide a detailed list of steps needed to reproduce the issue.

  3. Miscellaneous information

    Information that doesn't necessarily fit into any other sections. Common examples are attachments, images, or disclaimers.