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Helping people facing homelessness across the UK to find services in their area, and connecting people who want to help to where it is needed most.
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StreetSupport Website

This repository is for the Street Support website, found at The website helps people facing homelessness find services in their area, as as well as sign-posting people wanting to help, to where it is needed. The site acts as a gateway into Street Support's broader remit of helping connect organisations, people with lived experience, policy-makers, and businesses to co-produce lasting solutions.


I will be adding any updates we receive from our users as issues on Github. Please fork and work in the develop branch. Once the update is completed, submit a pull request into develop. Travis CI automatically builds on each commit to develop, uat and prod.

I would also appreciate any issues/PRs for bugs you may come across, and general fixes/refactorings. Where possible, please write a test that covers your code change.

Build Status


  • Install the latest stable Node version,
  • Run in Terminal: npm i gulp-cli -g (Gulp does not need to be installed globally),
  • In your command line terminal, navigate to the street support project folder,
  • Run: npm i

See Installation Troubleshooting section if Installation fails

See for more information about the Frontend workflow.

Optional Installs

In your editor of choice, the following plugins are recommended but not required. Note the plugin names might be slightly different depending on your editor.

  • editorconfig,
  • tabs-to-spaces,
  • linter,
  • linter-handlebars,
  • linter-js-standard,
  • linter-stylelint.


Run these tasks in your command line Terminal:

gulp [--production] [--debug]

gulp deploy [--production] [--debug]

gulp auditcode

  • The gulp task builds the website, watches for changes and starts up a sever,
  • The gulp deploy task builds the website without watching for changes or running the server,
  • The gulp auditcode task runs various linting on the project source files,
  • The gulp jsdev task only checks and builds javascript with associated tests,
  • The --production flag builds minified assets with no sourcemaps,
  • The --debug flag shows the files being created in each task (if the task has a pipe).


There are three API environments: CI, UAT and LIVE. You can alter the API your local instance is running from by editing /blob/develop/src/js/env.js:

  • 0: locally running API instance
  • 1: CI
  • 2: UAT
  • 3: LIVE

Day-to-day development should point at CI.



On running the default gulp task from the terminal, it will run tests and linting, build the site into the /_dist/ directory, and then launch in your default browser. As you edit files in the /src/ directory, the site will refresh automatically.


Each page of the site is found under the /pages/ directory. Each page is represented by a handlebars file index.hbs, in a directory named after the page's url. In each .hbs file, meta data is entered to define the page:

  • title: the page's title tag
  • description: the page's meta description
  • layout: the master layout file (found in /layouts/)
  • permalink: ???
  • jsBundle: the js bundle that will be loaded into the page. Bundles are defined in /webpack.config.js and each one points to a js file in /src/js/. For basic pages, use generic.
  • section: the top level navigation item this page belongs to. See /src/scss/modules/_variables.scss for list of sections
  • page: the navigation item for this page. See /src/scss/modules/_variables.scss for list of pages

Page templating is done using Hogan. Note: template parts need to be escaped eg:


Knockout data-binding is also used in some pages.


Page code-behinds are written in plain ol' Javascript, or use Knockout. Knockout view models are found in /js/models/ are mostly tested. ES2015 syntax is transpiled using Babel.


Tests reside in the /spec directory, and are written using Jasmine and Sinon. Please ensure any features submitted via pull request are covered by tests.

A number of happy paths are covered by automated browsers tests at:


CSS styling is written in SCSS, based on Susy, in the BEM style, and is auto-prefixed. Build with a mobile-first approach, using sass-mq for media queries. Each component's styles should reside in its own file. Avoid nesting of elements and modifiers (although there are many cases of nesting at the moment!).

Installation troubleshooting

Gulp Native Code Crashes

gulp[62193]: ../src/ void node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(const FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value> &): Assertion `args[1]->IsString()' failed.

Caused by: One of gulp's dependencies are out of date

Solution: Uninstall and reinstall Node Modules

rm -rf node_modules
npm i

Node Sass

ERROR in Missing binding <PROJECT_DIR>/node_modules/node-sass/vendor/darwin-x64-11/binding.node
Node Sass could not find a binding for your current environment: <ENVIRONMENT> with Node <NODE_VERSION>

Caused by: switching node versions

Solution: Rebuild Project

npm rebuild

Cannot download PhantomJS

Caused by: network blocking download

Solution: use an alternative network (best to run npm i before attending)


If there are problems that aren't mentioned here, post in the slack channel so we can help out and upate these docs.

Supported by

Browser Stack

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