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This method handles subtitle requests.


args - request object; parameters defined below

cb - function expecting to be called with Error and/or an object containing { subtitles: [] } with an array of Subtitle Objects.

Request Parameters

type - type of the item that we're requesting subtitles for; e.g. movie, series, channel, tv (see Content Types)

id - string id of the meta item that we're requesting subtitles for; these are set in the Meta Object

extra - object that holds additional properties; parameters defined below

Extra Parameters

itemHash - can be a Metadata Item Hash or Open Subtitles File Hash; the Metadata Item Hash is defined as a combination of the Meta Object's id followed by season / episode or video_id, separated by a :, an example of this is tt0898266:9:17; if it is an Open Subtitles File Hash, itemHash will start with opensubtitles:

Basic Example

addon.defineSubtitlesHandler(function(args, cb) {
    if (args.extra && args.extra.itemHash === 'tt1254207') {
        // serve one stream to big buck bunny
        // return addonSDK.Stream({ url: '...' })
        const subtitle = {
            id: 'sub1',
            url: '',
            lang: 'en'
        cb(null, { subtitles: [subtitle] })
    } else {
        // otherwise return no streams
        cb(null, { subtitles: [] })

Subtitle Object Definition