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Deploying your Add-on

Note: Although deploying is recommended, there is also the alternative of using localtunnel to host your add-ons locally.

Stremio add-ons require hosting in order to be published. You will need a NodeJS hosting solution, as Stremio Add-ons made with the Stremio Add-on SDK are NodeJS apps.

We recommend:

We hugely recomment using, as it is extremely easy to use.

You can also check this very comprehensive guide by nodejs.

Stremio add-ons are deployed just like regular nodejs apps, so follow the nodejs instructions provided by your particular service provider.

If you've built a great add-on, and need help with hosting your add-on, you are welcome to contact us at

Publishing to Stremio

If you want your add-on to appear in the list of Community add-ons in Stremio, check out publishToCentral

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