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Deploying your Addon

Note: Although deploying is recommended, there is also the alternative of using localtunnel to host your addons locally.

Stremio addons require hosting in order to be published. You will need a NodeJS hosting solution, as Stremio Addons made with the Stremio Addon SDK are NodeJS apps.

We recommend:

You can also check this very comprehensive guide by nodejs.

Stremio addons are deployed just like regular nodejs apps, so follow the nodejs instructions provided by your particular service provider.

If you've built a great addon, and need help with hosting your addon, you are welcome to contact us at

NOTE: we used to recommend, but after getting reports from multiple developers of suspending accounts without good reason, we no longer recommend it

Publishing to Stremio

If you want your addon to appear in the list of Community addons in Stremio, check out publishToCentral

If you are not using the Addon SDK to create your addon, you can publish your addon in the list of Community addons in Stremio by submitting it on this site