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Testing your Addon

To test your addon, you will need to add the addon manifest URL to a client.

There are currently two such clients that you can test with:

  • Stremio v4.4.10+

  • Stremio Web Version

Note: if you want to load an addon by URL in Stremio, the URL must either be accessed on or support HTTPS.

Starting/launching shortcuts

If you're using the serveHTTP method, there are two shortcuts that you can use:

If you launch your addon with npm start -- --launch, it will open a web version of Stremio with the addon pre-installed.

Another shortcut is to use npm start -- --install, which will open the desktop version of Stremio and a prompt to install the addon.

Testing in Stremio App

Testing in Stremio is easy, simply download Stremio v4.4.10+ (latest beta from the site)

Testing in Stremio Web Version

Open the web version of Stremio at:

If you use npm start -- --launch, the addon will launch at, which is a staging (development) version of Stremio.

Note: Torrents will not work in Stremio's Web Version.

How to Install Addon in Stremio

Follow the 2 steps showcased in this image: