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This is the repository the Stremio media center uses for all translation strings.

How to contribute

Any help with contributing additional translations would be extremely helpful! For contributing, use en_US as a starting point because it's always guaranteed to include all the translation strings. Thank you!

Please, always sync and pull your repository before making any edits.

How to test in the app

Clone this repo, copy en-US.json as a starting point into your language's locale file, following IETF standard. To test in the app, start Stremio like:

# for windows
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\LNV\Stremio\Stremio.exe . --translation=PATH_TO_JSON

# for mac
/Applications/ . --translation=PATH_TO_JSON

Translation credits

Culture Name Contributors
bg-BG Bulgarian @Ivshti
ca-CA Catalan @xeanhort
da-DK Danish @Holsted777
de-DE German @Atalanttore
el-GR Greek @pentakalos
es-ES Spanish @Decc98, @FernandoUY, @cosmoscalibur, @robertlluberes and Federico Erbetta
fr-FR French @Nath74k, @greg0ire and @tymmesyde
he-IL Hebrew @kornbed, @yishaiguedj1, @icecore2, @YanivBir
hu-HU Hungarian @pterdi
hr-HR Croatian @boljsa
it-IT Italian @pippo73, @zurdyo, @archetipo95, @penguinFSS
mk-MK Macedonian Ivan Fonchev
my-BM Melayu Abdul Muhaimin Che Sohor
nl-NL Dutch @Rubenoo, @Tbizla and @tjorim
nn-NO Norwegian, Nynorsk @skanin
nb-NO Norwegian, BokmΓ₯l @skanin
pl-PL Polish @yknomeh
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese @loopbackbr, @luanhssa, @leonardosnt, @John-Luke, @kelvins, @davidsonsns, @fabianosantosnet, @andrerafaiel and @brunohgv
pt-PT Portuguese @henriquev16, @liqen and @iretan
ru-RU Russian @thedp
se-SE Swedish @erikdsjostrom
sr-RS Serbian @m0k1, @RyanLinford
tr-TR Turkish @ali-demirtas @rozehan
zh-CN Chinese @shanyan-wcx

Feel free to add yourself!