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An implementation of a cancel token, an object to conveniently register and invoke cleanup methods, in java.
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Java Cancel Tokens

This library implements a CancelToken, a tool for making cleanup easier. It is licensed under the MIT license.


Currently the library is a single file, src/com/strilanc/async/, so installation consists of copying that file into your project and changing the package if it annoys you. I will expose it as a proper maven (or other) package if there is interest.

Exposed API

  • CancelToken
    • static cancelled(): Returns an already-cancelled token.
    • static immortal(): Returns an already-immortal token.
    • getState(): Determines whether the cancel token is still-cancellable, cancelled, or immortal.
    • whenCancelled(callback): Registers a callback to be run when the token is cancelled. The callback runs right away if the token is already cancelled.
    • whenCancelledBefore(callback, otherToken): Registers a callback to be run when the receiving token is cancelled, unless the other token is cancelled first.
  • CancelToken.Source
    • (constructor) (): Creates a new source that controls a new token.
    • getToken(): Returns the token controlled by the source.
    • cancel(): Attempts to cancel the controlled token, returning false if it was not still cancellable.
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