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using System;
using System.Collections.Concurrent;
using System.Threading;
namespace Methods.ActorModel {
///<summary>Runs posted methods in order, without overlap, on some underlying synchronization context.</summary>
public sealed class ActorSynchronizationContext : SynchronizationContext {
private readonly SynchronizationContext _subContext;
private readonly ConcurrentQueue<Action> _pending = new ConcurrentQueue<Action>();
private int _pendingCount;
///<summary>Creates a new exclusive synchronization context, which runs callbacks on either an optional non-null context or else the thread pool.</summary>
///<param name="subContext">The synchronization context that actions will be run on. Defaults to the thread pool when null.</param>
public ActorSynchronizationContext(SynchronizationContext subContext = null) {
this._subContext = subContext ?? new SynchronizationContext();
public override void Post(SendOrPostCallback d, object state) {
if (d == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("d");
_pending.Enqueue(() => d(state));
// trigger consumption when the queue was empty
if (Interlocked.Increment(ref _pendingCount) == 1)
_subContext.Post(Consume, null);
private void Consume(object state) {
var surroundingContext = Current;
try {
SetSynchronizationContext(this); // temporarily replace surrounding sync context with this context
// run pending actions until there are no more
do {
Action a;
_pending.TryDequeue(out a); // always succeeds, due to usage of _pendingCount
a.Invoke(); // if an enqueued action throws... well, that's very bad
} while (Interlocked.Decrement(ref _pendingCount) > 0); // stop consumption when something will think the queue was empty
} finally {
SetSynchronizationContext(surroundingContext); // restore surrounding sync context
public override void Send(SendOrPostCallback d, object state) {
throw new NotSupportedException();
public override SynchronizationContext CreateCopy() {
return this;