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using System;
using System.Collections.Immutable;
namespace Methods.ConstantTimeImmutableQueue {
/// <summary>
/// A constant-time immutable stack paired with a count.
/// Items on the bottom of the stack can 'dropped', which ignores them by decrementing the count.
/// Dropped items are eventually dereferenced by later copy-modified versions of the stack, so they can be garbage collected.
/// </summary>
public sealed class DropCollectStack<T> {
public static readonly DropCollectStack<T> Empty = new DropCollectStack<T>();
private readonly DropStack<T> _items;
private readonly DropStack<T> _itemsTraverser;
private readonly ImmutableStack<T> _partialReversedItems;
private readonly DropStack<T> _partialRebuiltItems;
private DropCollectStack(DropStack<T> items = default(DropStack<T>),
DropStack<T> itemsTraverser = default(DropStack<T>),
ImmutableStack<T> partialReversedItems = null,
DropStack<T> partialRebuiltItems = default(DropStack<T>)) {
this._items = items;
this._itemsTraverser = itemsTraverser;
this._partialReversedItems = partialReversedItems ?? ImmutableStack<T>.Empty;
this._partialRebuiltItems = partialRebuiltItems;
private DropCollectStack<T> With(DropStack<T>? items = null,
DropStack<T>? itemsTraverser = null,
ImmutableStack<T> partialReversedItems = null,
DropStack<T>? partialRebuiltItems = null) {
return new DropCollectStack<T>(items ?? _items,
itemsTraverser ?? _itemsTraverser,
partialReversedItems ?? _partialReversedItems,
partialRebuiltItems ?? _partialRebuiltItems);
///<summary>The number of items in the queue.</summary>
public int Count { get { return _items.Count; } }
///<summary>The items in the queue, in FIFO order.</summary>
public DropStack<T> UnderlyingStack { get { return _items; } }
///<summary>A modified copy with more incremental rebuilding performed (in order to eventually discard garbage).</summary>
private DropCollectStack<T> IterRebuild() {
// iteratively transfer from _itemsTraverser to _partialReversedItems
!_itemsTraverser.IsEmpty ? With(
itemsTraverser: _itemsTraverser.Pop(),
partialReversedItems: _partialReversedItems.Push(_itemsTraverser.Peek))
// then iteratively transfer from _partialReversedItems to _partialRebuiltItems
: !_partialReversedItems.IsEmpty ? With(
partialReversedItems: _partialReversedItems.Pop(),
partialRebuiltItems: _partialRebuiltItems.Push(_partialReversedItems.Peek()))
// then, if there are new items, place them in _itemsTraverser for iterative transfer
: _items.Count > _partialRebuiltItems.Count ? With(
itemsTraverser: _items.Pop().KeepOnly(_items.Count - _partialRebuiltItems.Count - 1),
partialReversedItems: _partialReversedItems.Push(_items.Peek))
// if there were no new items, then we've finished rebuilding and can use the result
: new DropCollectStack<T>(_partialRebuiltItems, _partialRebuiltItems);
///<summary>A modified copy with an item added to the front of the queue.</summary>
public DropCollectStack<T> Push(T value) {
return With(_items.Push(value));
///<summary>A modified copy with the least-recently added item removed from the queue.</summary>
public DropCollectStack<T> Drop() {
if (Count == 0) throw new InvalidOperationException("Empty");
if (Count == 1) return Empty;
// drop from main items, noting the garbage
var t = With(_items.Drop());
// drop from iterative rebuild process
var r =
// in the partially rebuilt stack?
!_partialRebuiltItems.IsEmpty ? t.With(partialRebuiltItems: _partialRebuiltItems.Drop())
// in the non-rebuilt stack?
: !_itemsTraverser.IsEmpty ? t.With(itemsTraverser: _itemsTraverser.Drop())
// in the intermediate reversed stack?
: !_partialReversedItems.IsEmpty ? t.With(partialReversedItems: _partialReversedItems.Pop())
// I guess it's nowhere
: t;
// do iterative rebuilding fast enough to prevent garbage from accumulating
return r.IterRebuild().IterRebuild().IterRebuild();