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'Encapsulates the decryption process used in MPQ files.
'Copyright (C) 2010 Craig Gidney,
'This source was adepted from the C version of mpqlib.
'The C version belongs to the following authors,
'Maik Broemme,
'This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
'it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
'the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
'(at your option) any later version.
'This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
'but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
'GNU General Public License for more details.
'You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
'along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
'Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
Namespace Cryptography
Public Module CryptoCommon
Public Enum CryptTableIndex As Integer
PositionHash = 0
NameHashLow = 1
NameHashHigh = 2
CipherKeyHash = 3
CipherTable = 4
End Enum
Friend ReadOnly cryptTable As Dictionary(Of CryptTableIndex, ModInt32()) = ComputeCryptTable()
'''<summary>Creates the encryption table used for MPQ data</summary>
Private Function ComputeCryptTable() As Dictionary(Of CryptTableIndex, ModInt32())
Const TableSize As Integer = 256 * 5
Dim table(0 To TableSize - 1) As ModInt32
Dim k As ModInt32 = &H100001
Dim pos = 0
While table(pos) = 0 '[every value in the table will have been initialized when this condition is no longer met]
For word = 1 To 2
k = (k * 125 + 3).UnsignedValue Mod 2796203UI
table(pos) <<= 16 '[don't overwrite value from first iteration]
table(pos) = table(pos) Or (k And &HFFFF)
Next word
pos += 256
If pos > TableSize - 1 Then pos -= TableSize - 1
End While
Dim d = New Dictionary(Of CryptTableIndex, ModInt32())
For Each h In EnumValues(Of CryptTableIndex)()
Contract.Assume(h >= 0)
Contract.Assume(h < 5)
d(h) = table.Skip(CInt(h) * 256).Take(256).ToArray
Next h
Return d
End Function
'''<summary>Hashes a string into a key</summary>
Public Function HashString(ByVal value As InvariantString, ByVal hashType As CryptTableIndex) As ModInt32
Dim k1 As ModInt32 = &H7FED7FED
Dim k2 As ModInt32 = &HEEEEEEEE
Dim T = cryptTable(hashType)
Contract.Assume(T IsNot Nothing)
For Each b In (From c In value.Value.ToUpperInvariant Select Asc(c))
k1 = (k1 + k2) Xor T(b)
k2 = b + k1 + k2 * 33 + 3
Next b
Return k1
End Function
'''<summary>Computes the 'hash name' of a file.</summary>
Public Function HashFileName(ByVal archiveFileName As InvariantString) As UInt64
Return CULng(HashString(archiveFileName, CryptTableIndex.NameHashLow).UnsignedValue) Or
CULng(HashString(archiveFileName, CryptTableIndex.NameHashHigh).UnsignedValue) << 32
End Function
'''<summary>Computes the decryption key of a file with known fileName</summary>
<Extension()> <Pure()>
Public Function GetFileDecryptionKey(ByVal block As Block,
ByVal archiveFilePath As InvariantString) As ModInt32
Contract.Requires(block IsNot Nothing)
Dim archiveFileName = archiveFilePath.Value.Split("\"c).Last
Contract.Assume(archiveFileName IsNot Nothing)
Dim key = HashString(archiveFileName, CryptTableIndex.CipherKeyHash)
'adjusted keys are offset by the file position
If (block.Properties And BlockProperties.AdjustedKey) <> 0 Then
key = block.FileSize Xor (key + block.Offset)
End If
Return key
End Function
'''<summary>Attempts to recover the decryption key of a file using a known plaintext attack</summary>
''' seed1 = *VALUE_TO_FIND*
''' seed2 = 0xEEEEEEEEL
''' seed2b = seed2 + T[seed1 and 0xFF]
''' encryptedByte1 = targetByte1 Xor (seed1 + seed2b)
''' Let s = encryptedByte1 xor targetByte1
''' Notice s = seed1 + seed2b
''' Notice s = seed1 + seed2 + T[seed1 and 0xFF]
''' Let n = s - seed2
''' Notice n = seed1 + T[seed1 and 0xFF]
''' Notice seed1 = n - T[seed1 and 0xFF]
''' Notice the right side has only 256 possible values because seed1 is AND-ed with 0xFF
''' Brute force seed1 by trying every possible value of (seed1 and 0xHFF) in the right side
Public Function BreakFileDecryptionKey(ByVal encryptedValue1 As UInt32,
ByVal encryptedValue2 As UInt32,
ByVal plainValue1 As UInt32) As ModInt32
Dim T = cryptTable(CryptTableIndex.CipherTable)
Contract.Assume(T IsNot Nothing)
Dim e1 As ModInt32 = encryptedValue1
Dim e2 As ModInt32 = encryptedValue2
'Initial values
Dim k2 As ModInt32 = &HEEEEEEEE
Dim s = e1 Xor plainValue1 'undo xor
Dim n = s - k2 'undo addition
'Brute force value of k1 by trying all possible values of (k1 & 0xFF)
Dim haveMin = False
Dim minKey As UInt32
Dim minVal As UInt32
For possibleValue = 0 To &HFF
Dim k1 = n - T(possibleValue)
If (k1 And &HFF) <> possibleValue Then Continue For 'doesn't satisfy basic constraint
Using testStream = New IO.MemoryStream(capacity:=8).AsRandomAccessStream
testStream.Position = 0
Using reader = New DecipherStream(testStream, k1)
'check decryption for correctness
If reader.ReadUInt32() <> plainValue1 Then Continue For 'doesn't match plaintext
'keep track of key with lowest second value [lower values are more likely plaintexts]
Dim u = reader.ReadUInt32()
If Not haveMin OrElse CUInt(u) < minVal Then
minKey = k1.UnsignedValue
minVal = u
haveMin = True
End If
End Using
End Using
Next possibleValue
If Not haveMin Then Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("No possible decryption key for provided plaintext.")
Return minKey
End Function
End Module
End Namespace