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Namespace Components
Public Module IBotComponentExtensions
Public Sub UIInvokeCommand(ByVal component As IBotComponent, ByVal argument As String)
Contract.Requires(component IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Requires(argument IsNot Nothing)
Dim i = argument.IndexOf(" "c)
If i = -1 Then i = argument.Length
Dim subcommand As InvariantString = argument.Substring(0, i)
Dim argDesc = If(component.IsArgumentPrivate(subcommand), "{0} [arguments hidden]".Frmt(subcommand), argument)
component.Logger.Log("Command: {0}".Frmt(argDesc), LogMessageType.Typical)
placeholder:="[running command {0}...]".Frmt(argDesc),
message:=component.InvokeCommand(Nothing, argument).EvalWhenValueReady(
Function(message, commandException)
If commandException IsNot Nothing Then
Return "Failed: {0}".Frmt(commandException.Message)
ElseIf message Is Nothing OrElse message = "" Then
Return "Command '{0}' succeeded.".Frmt(argDesc)
Return message
End If
End Function))
Catch e As Exception
e.RaiseAsUnexpected("UIInvokeCommand for {0}:{1}".Frmt(component.Type, component.Name))
End Try
End Sub
End Module
End Namespace
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