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Namespace WC3.Replay
''' <summary>
''' Wires a Game to a ReplayWriter.
''' </summary>
Public Class ReplayManager
Inherits FutureDisposable
Private ReadOnly inQueue As ICallQueue = New TaskedCallQueue
Private ReadOnly _writer As ReplayWriter
Private ReadOnly _hooks As New List(Of IDisposable)
<ContractInvariantMethod()> Private Sub ObjectInvariant()
Contract.Invariant(inQueue IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Invariant(_writer IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Invariant(_hooks IsNot Nothing)
End Sub
Private Sub New(ByVal writer As ReplayWriter)
Contract.Requires(writer IsNot Nothing)
Me._writer = writer
End Sub
Private Sub Wire(ByVal game As Game)
Contract.Requires(game IsNot Nothing)
Dim tickHandler As Game.TickEventHandler =
Sub(sender, duration, actions) inQueue.QueueAction(Sub() OnTick(duration, actions))
Dim chatHandler As Game.PlayerTalkedEventHandler =
Sub(sender, speaker, text, receivers) inQueue.QueueAction(Sub() OnChat(speaker, text, receivers))
Dim leaveHandler As Game.PlayerLeftEventHandler =
Sub(sender, gameState, leaver, leaveType, reason) inQueue.QueueAction(Sub() Onleave(leaver, leaveType))
Dim launchHandler As Game.LaunchedEventHandler =
Sub(sender, usingLoadInGame) inQueue.QueueAction(Sub() _writer.AddGameStarted())
AddHandler game.Tick, tickHandler
AddHandler game.PlayerTalked, chatHandler
AddHandler game.PlayerLeft, leaveHandler
AddHandler game.Launched, launchHandler
Me._hooks.Add(New DelegatedDisposable(Sub() RemoveHandler game.Tick, tickHandler))
Me._hooks.Add(New DelegatedDisposable(Sub() RemoveHandler game.PlayerTalked, chatHandler))
Me._hooks.Add(New DelegatedDisposable(Sub() RemoveHandler game.PlayerLeft, leaveHandler))
Me._hooks.Add(New DelegatedDisposable(Sub() RemoveHandler game.Launched, launchHandler))
game.FutureDisposed.CallWhenReady(Sub() Me.Dispose())
End Sub
Public Shared Function StartRecordingFrom(ByVal defaultFileName As String,
ByVal game As Game,
ByVal players As IEnumerable(Of Player),
ByVal slots As IEnumerable(Of Slot),
ByVal randomSeed As UInt32) As ReplayManager
Contract.Requires(game IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Requires(players IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Requires(slots IsNot Nothing)
'Choose location
Dim folder = GetDataFolderPath("Replays")
If defaultFileName Is Nothing Then
defaultFileName = "{0} @ {1}, {2}".Frmt(game.Settings.GameDescription.Name,
(From p In players Select New String(CType(p.Name, Char()).Take(5).ToArray)).StringJoin(" "))
End If
'Strip invalid characters
defaultFileName = New String((From c In defaultFileName
Select If(IO.Path.GetInvalidFileNameChars.Contains(c), "."c, c)).ToArray)
'Append a number if necessary
Dim filename = IO.Path.Combine(folder, defaultFileName + ".w3g")
Dim i = 1
While IO.File.Exists(filename)
i += 1
filename = IO.Path.Combine(folder, defaultFileName + " - {0}.w3g".Frmt(i))
End While
Dim file = New IO.FileStream(filename, IO.FileMode.CreateNew, IO.FileAccess.Write, IO.FileShare.None)
Dim writer = New Replay.ReplayWriter(stream:=file.AsRandomWritableStream,
wc3Version:=New CachedExternalValues().WC3MajorVersion,
Dim result = New ReplayManager(writer)
Return result
End Function
Private Sub OnTick(ByVal duration As UShort,
ByVal actions As IReadableList(Of Tuple(Of Player, Protocol.PlayerActionSet)))
Contract.Requires(actions IsNot Nothing)
_writer.AddTick(duration, (From action In actions Select action.Item2).ToArray.AsReadableList)
End Sub
Private Sub OnChat(ByVal speaker As Player,
ByVal text As String,
ByVal receivers As Protocol.ChatReceiverType?)
Contract.Requires(speaker IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Requires(text IsNot Nothing)
If receivers Is Nothing Then
_writer.AddLobbyChatMessage(speaker.PID, text)
_writer.AddGameChatMessage(speaker.PID, text, receivers.Value)
End If
End Sub
Private Sub Onleave(ByVal leaver As Player,
ByVal result As Protocol.PlayerLeaveType)
Contract.Requires(leaver IsNot Nothing)
_writer.AddPlayerLeft(0, leaver.PID, result, 0)
End Sub
Protected Overrides Function PerformDispose(ByVal finalizing As Boolean) As IFuture
If finalizing Then Return Nothing
Return inQueue.QueueFunc(
For Each hook In _hooks
Return _writer.FutureDisposed
End Function).Defuturized
End Function
End Class
End Namespace
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