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Imports Tinker.Pickling
Namespace Warden
Public NotInheritable Class Socket
Inherits DisposableWithTask
Private ReadOnly inQueue As CallQueue = MakeTaskedCallQueue()
Private ReadOnly outQueue As CallQueue = MakeTaskedCallQueue
Private ReadOnly _socket As PacketSocket
Private ReadOnly _logger As Logger
Private ReadOnly _cookie As UInt32
Private ReadOnly _seed As UInt32
Private _connected As Boolean
<ContractInvariantMethod()> Private Sub ObjectInvariant()
Contract.Invariant(inQueue IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Invariant(outQueue IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Invariant(_socket IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Invariant(_logger IsNot Nothing)
End Sub
Public Sub New(socket As PacketSocket,
seed As UInt32,
cookie As UInt32,
Optional logger As Logger = Nothing)
Contract.Assume(socket IsNot Nothing)
Me._logger = If(logger, New Logger())
Me._socket = socket
Me._cookie = cookie
Me._seed = seed
End Sub
Public Async Function QueueRunAsync(ct As CancellationToken, callback As Action(Of IRist(Of Byte))) As Task
Await inQueue
If ct.IsCancellationRequested Then Return
WritePacket(ClientPacket.MakeFullServiceConnect(_cookie, _seed))
Dim packet = Await AsyncReadPacket(ct)
If ct.IsCancellationRequested Then Return
If packet.Cookie <> _cookie Then
Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("Incorrect cookie from BNLS server.")
ElseIf packet.Result <> 0 Then
Throw New IO.IOException("BNLS server indicated there was a failure: {0}: ""{1}"".".Frmt(packet.Result, packet.ResponseData.ToAsciiChars.AsString))
End If
Select Case packet.Id
Case WardenPacketId.FullServiceConnect
If _connected Then Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("Unexpected {0} from {1}.".Frmt(packet.Id, _socket.Name))
_connected = True
Case WardenPacketId.FullServiceHandleWardenPacket
If Not _connected Then Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("Unexpected {0} from {1}.".Frmt(packet.Id, _socket.Name))
Call Async Sub() Await outQueue.QueueAction(Sub() callback(packet.ResponseData))
Case Else
Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("Unrecognized packet type received from {0}: {1}.".Frmt(_socket.Name, packet.Id))
End Select
End Function
Private Async Function AsyncReadPacket(ct As CancellationToken) As Task(Of ServerPacket)
Dim packetData = Await _socket.AsyncReadPacket()
If ct.IsCancellationRequested Then Return Nothing
If packetData.Count < 3 Then
Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("Packet doesn't have a header.")
ElseIf packetData(2) <> BNLSPacketId.Warden Then
Throw New IO.InvalidDataException("Not a bnls warden packet.")
End If
'Parse, log, return
Dim pk = ServerPacket.FromData(packetData.SkipExact(3))
_logger.Log(Function() "Received {0} from {1}".Frmt(pk.Id, _socket.Name), LogMessageType.DataEvent)
_logger.Log(Function() "Received {0} from {1}: {2}".Frmt(pk.Id, _socket.Name, pk), LogMessageType.DataParsed)
Return pk
End Function
Private Sub WritePacket(packet As ClientPacket)
Contract.Requires(packet IsNot Nothing)
_logger.Log(Function() "Sending {0} to {1}".Frmt(packet.Id, _socket.Name), LogMessageType.DataEvent)
_logger.Log(Function() "Sending {0} to {1}: {2}".Frmt(packet.Id, _socket.Name, packet.Payload.Description), LogMessageType.DataParsed)
_socket.WritePacket({}, New Byte() {BNLSPacketId.Warden, packet.Id}.Concat(packet.Payload.Data))
Catch e As Exception
e.RaiseAsUnexpected("Sending {0} to {1}".Frmt(packet.Id, _socket.Name))
_socket.QueueDisconnect(expected:=False, reason:="Error sending {0} for {1}: {2}".Frmt(packet.Id, _socket.Name, e))
End Try
End Sub
Public Function QueueSendWardenData(wardenData As IRist(Of Byte)) As Task
Contract.Requires(wardenData IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Ensures(Contract.Result(Of Task)() IsNot Nothing)
Return inQueue.QueueAction(Sub() WritePacket(ClientPacket.MakeFullServiceHandleWardenPacket(_cookie, wardenData)))
End Function
Protected Overrides Async Function PerformDispose(finalizing As Boolean) As Task
If finalizing Then Return
Await inQueue
Call Async Sub() Await _socket.QueueDisconnect(expected:=True, reason:="Disposed")
End Function
Public Shared Async Function ConnectToAsync(remoteHost As InvariantString,
remotePort As UInt16,
seed As UInt32,
cookie As UInt32,
clock As IClock,
logger As Logger) As Task(Of Warden.Socket)
Contract.Assume(clock IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Assume(logger IsNot Nothing)
'Initiate connection
Dim tcpClient = Await AsyncTcpConnect(remoteHost, remotePort)
Dim packetSocket = New PacketSocket(stream:=tcpClient.GetStream,
localendpoint:=DirectCast(tcpClient.Client.LocalEndPoint, Net.IPEndPoint),
remoteendpoint:=DirectCast(tcpClient.Client.RemoteEndPoint, Net.IPEndPoint),
logger.Log("Connected to bnls server.", LogMessageType.Positive)
Return New Warden.Socket(Socket:=packetSocket,
End Function
End Class
End Namespace
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