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Imports Tinker.Pickling
Namespace WC3
Public NotInheritable Class W3ConnectingPeer
Public ReadOnly socket As W3Socket
Public ReadOnly receiverPeerKey As Byte
Public ReadOnly id As PlayerId
Public ReadOnly connectionOptions As UInt32
Public Sub New(socket As W3Socket,
receiverPeerKey As Byte,
id As PlayerId,
connectionOptions As UInt32)
Me.socket = socket
Me.receiverPeerKey = receiverPeerKey = id
Me.connectionOptions = connectionOptions
End Sub
End Class
Public NotInheritable Class W3Peer
Public ReadOnly name As String
Private ReadOnly _id As PlayerId
Public ReadOnly listenPort As UShort
Public ReadOnly ip As Net.IPAddress
Public ReadOnly peerKey As UInteger
Private WithEvents _socket As W3Socket
Private ReadOnly _packetHandlerLogger As PacketHandlerLogger(Of Protocol.PacketId)
Public Event Disconnected(sender As W3Peer, expected As Boolean, reason As String)
<ContractInvariantMethod()> Private Sub ObjectInvariant()
Contract.Invariant(_packetHandlerLogger IsNot Nothing)
End Sub
Public Sub New(name As InvariantString,
id As PlayerId,
listenPort As UShort,
ip As Net.IPAddress,
peerKey As UInt32,
logger As Logger)
Contract.Assume(ip IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Assume(logger IsNot Nothing) = name
Me._packetHandlerLogger = Protocol.MakeW3PacketHandlerLogger(, logger)
Me._id = id
Me.listenPort = listenPort
Me.ip = ip
Me.peerKey = peerKey
End Sub
Public ReadOnly Property Id As PlayerId
Return _id
End Get
End Property
Public ReadOnly Property Socket As W3Socket
Return _socket
End Get
End Property
Public Async Sub SetSocket(socket As W3Socket)
Me._socket = socket
If socket Is Nothing Then Return
Dim data = Await socket.AsyncReadPacket()
Await _packetHandlerLogger.HandlePacket(data)
Catch ex As Exception
'ignore (to match old behavior, should fix)
End Try
End Sub
Public Function AddPacketHandler(Of T)(packetDefinition As Protocol.Packets.Definition(Of T),
handler As Func(Of IPickle(Of T), Task)) As IDisposable
Contract.Requires(packetDefinition IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Requires(handler IsNot Nothing)
Contract.Ensures(Contract.Result(Of IDisposable)() IsNot Nothing)
Return _packetHandlerLogger.IncludeHandler(packetDefinition.Id, packetDefinition.Jar, handler)
End Function
Private Sub OnDisconnected(sender As WC3.W3Socket, expected As Boolean, reason As String) Handles _socket.Disconnected
RaiseEvent Disconnected(Me, expected, reason)
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace
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