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@@ -36,16 +36,18 @@ Namespace Components
''' Throws an InvalidOperationException if the component is already included.
''' Throws an InvalidOperationException if a component with the same name and type identifiers is already included.
''' </summary>
- Private Async Sub AddComponent(component As IBotComponent)
+ Private Sub AddComponent(component As IBotComponent)
Contract.Assume(component IsNot Nothing)
If _components.Contains(component) Then
Throw New InvalidOperationException("Component already added.")
ElseIf TryFindComponent(component.Type, component.Name) IsNot Nothing Then
Throw New InvalidOperationException("There is already a {0} named {1}.".Frmt(component.Type, component.Name))
End If
- Await component.DisposalTask
- _components.Remove(component)
+ Call Async Sub()
+ Await component.DisposalTask
+ _components.Remove(component)
+ End Sub()
End Sub
''' <summary>
''' Asynchronously adds a component to the set.

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