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+# Tinker
+A Warcraft 3 game hosting bot with a not-so-great UI.
+Supports infinite lobbies, loading in-game, HCL game modes, saving replays, crypto-lending CD keys, and various other neat things.
+Tinker was my hobby project when I was between jobs (and for awhile after that).
+As part of writing it I reverse-engineered WC3's game packet protocol, the checksums used to identify maps, and did a lot of experimenting with what would and wouldn't flex.
+In the end it was a fun tool to make, but not a very user-friendly tool to use.
+*Tinker probably can't login to BNET anymore, and might get your CD-Key banned.
+Blizzard makes tweaks to how works now and then, and has rules against using third party programs.
+They don't seem to enforce those rules against hostbots, but they could.*

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