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Commits on Feb 20, 2010
Commits on Feb 19, 2010
  1. Code analysis tweaks and fixes, ChatReceiverType to ChatGroup

    - Rewrote Bnet.Client.AsyncConnect[string]
    - Renamed ChatEventId.UserFlags to UserOptions
    - Disabled code analysis rule CA1000 (No static methods in generic classes)
    - Fixed some code analysis warnings
    - Renamed ChatReceiverType to ChatGroup, and updated related names accordingly
    - Added CheckIOData common method
    - Refactored part of ReadMapInfo into ReadMapInfoSlotsAndForces
Commits on Jan 15, 2010
  1. Code Analysis, duplicate exception detection,

    - Added note to bnet client incorrect password error
    - Added duplicate exception detection to exception logging form
    - Fixed several code analysis warnings
    - Disabled CA2000 and CA2202 due to too many false positives
    - Added private constructors to 'static' classes
    - Fixed several ArgumentException constructor arguments
    - Changed GetCopyOfXProfiles functions in bot settings to XProfiles property
    - Changed FindFilesMatching directory parameter to InvariantString
    - Implemented GetHashCode for GameDescription and GameStats
    - Fixed Warden.Client passing seed instead of cookie to Warden.Socket
    - Renamed some stuff
      ~ Prefixed some WC3.Player async getters with Queue
      ~ WC3.Player.GetRemoteEndPoint to just RemoteEndPoint
    - Removed unused parameters
      ~ serverCdKeySalt parameter from EnterKey and MakeAuthenticationFinish
      ~ info parameter from StringJar constructor
      ~ player and slot parameters from OnLoadScreenRemovedPlayer
    - Removed unused members
      ~ bot member from CKL.ServerManager
      ~ bot member from CKL.ServerManager
      ~ _lanHost member from ClientProfile
      ~ outQueue member from MainBot
      ~ createCount member from LanAdvertiser
      ~ instanceCreationCount member from game server
Commits on Sep 27, 2009
  1. Code analysis extravaganza, commands

    - Went from thousands of code analysis warnings to 128
    - Standardized almost all public identifiers
    - All non-flag enums are now singlular and flag enums don't include 'flags'
    - Acronyms are mostly all upper case now
    - Commented out unknown/unseen packet ids
    - Standardized on 'ToUpperInvariant' for case insensitive comparisons
    - Standardizing on 'LogOn' instead of 'Logon' or 'Login'
    - Enum jars now use the Flags attribute to auto-identify flag enums
    - Removed dead flood code from W3ConnectAccepter and W3Socket
    - Replaced UICommandSet class with an extension method
    - Folded ThreadedCommandSet into CommandSet
    - Added Command<T> class and CommandSet.Add extension method
    - Rewrote some bot commands to use CommandSet.Add
    - Removed Frm prefix from forms, added Form suffix
    - Removed unused GCD and LCM methods from BigNum
    - Removed unused SeekableStream class
    - Removed unused ThrottledReader class
    - Emptied RecyclingBin
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