This plugin allows you to have a custom check / task lis of things to do on a daily, weekly & monthly basis
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Developer: Strobe Technologies Ltd

Version: Release 0.2.0

Date: 21/08/2015


This is a plugin designed for osTicket (, this plugin adds the following features to osTicket: -

  • Ability to add daily, weekly and monthly items to be checked
  • Record results of who checked the item and the comments / status of item
  • Look through calendar at historical results
  • Produce Stats on who has done what
  • Report on issues and trends
  • Ability to search comments

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy contents to your OSTICKET_ROOT/include/plugins directory
  2. Copy the sub folder SCP to OSTICKET_ROOT/scp directory
  3. Login to osTicket as your admin account and enable plugin
  4. If you would like the stats to work please install JpGraph from to scp/jpgraph/src directory