An open source JSON storage solution.
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About Metis

Metis is an open source and highly robust JSON distributed database / storage solution capable of functionality such as:

  1. Incredibly fast multi-node and multi-file IO that extends across both local and remote clusters.

  2. Robust multi-node replication with optional automated backup.

  3. Easy migration from existing database solutions such as MySQL to Metis.

  4. Javascript /Typescript implementation with zero dependencies (such as jQuery) that also brings support for Cordova / PhoneGap applications, Chrome / Chrome OS applications, and modern browsers (with HTML5 LocalStorage).

Getting Started

It is easy for you to get started using Metis by reading our thorough and constantly updated documentation. You can easily jump in and set up Metis and utilize file IO functions!

Keeping Up To Date

You can find out what we have in the works (or in our crosshairs) by checking out:

We have news regarding Metis on the Strobl Industries' Twitter account and we'll try to keep the news up to date on Facebook and Google+. Any significant releases will generally have a blog post!


This project leverages CodeUtils for development and adopts the CodeUtils Usage Spec. To learn how to contribute to this project and set up CodeUtils, read here.


Metis is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.