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Welcome to the developer documentation for using / implementing Metis, reading in-depth about features and functionality for Metis (whether in Draft or finalized form), and our open Roadmap and Tasklist.

Using Metis

In this section, we'll be covering how to set up Metis (with any dependencies), creating nodes, and the file IO functions used in Metis.

Setting Up Metis

You can learn how to setup both the client-side and server-side Metis by going here or their respective Javascript and PHP pages.

Have an existing complex setup, want to neatly organize your Metis cluster, or want to use Metis with multiple products? Learn about our Node Groups.

If you have data stored in MySQL that you want to move to Metis, check out our Utilities page, which has an explanation on how to easily migrate data.

Doing Stuff With Metis

When you've gotten the setup done, lets put that Metis setup to use! Learn how to interact with the file system

Other Cool (But Technical) Stuff

Open Drafts On Metis Features / Functionality

In this section, we'll be covering functionality, features, and other ideas for Metis in an in-depth form. The pages may or may not be drafts (it's indicated, obviously) and functionality discussed in these pages may or may not be implemented at present time or in the future.

Open Plans And Tasks For Development

In this section, we show our plans for Metis and when we intend on implementing particular features.

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