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Current Release

1.4.7 (Released on 16.09.2014)

  • Fixed a bug in that resulted in the IO callback not being fired if there were zero pending files.
  • Fixed a bug in the compiler that caused the unix find tool to not properly recursively search for a particular file type.
  • Switched from yuicompressor to Google Closure Compiler for improved compression of Javascript.
  • Switched to a slightly primitive form of tests that allows us to reliably test CORS failures. Resolved bug #7. Will be improving in the future, potentially creating a new project for the test system.

Upcoming Planned Releases

2.0 (Planned for April / May 2015)

  • Switch server-side Metis to Go, officially deprecating PHP. Aim for complete feature parity, implementing Metis as a package / library and a secondary executable for external calls.


  • Implement intelligent file synchronization model.
  • Windows Desktop + Server support.


  • Optional automated update system.

Beyond (a.k.a someday)

  • Docker container, basing off either Fedora Cloud or Ubuntu Snappy.
  • Mac support.
  • Memcached support.

Past Releases

1.4.6 (Released on 01.09.2014)

1.4.5 (Released on 13.08.14)

Client-Side Code Changes:

  • Cordova API support for battery checking.
  • Chrome / Chrome OS Apps Storage API support.
  • Massive Change to Client-Side Metis: Move from synchronous IO to asynchronous IO, providing a callback mechanism for when IO is finished.
  • Massive Change to Client-Side Metis: Client-Side Metis is broken into modules and now has function calls that are more logical (like metis.file.Read) which has a lowercase.Uppercase() syntax inspired by Go.

Server-Side Code Changes:

  • Metis initialization has been simplified. No longer accepts a realm of possibility where one would be doing Metis IO or use the callback but NOT have Metis on the file system (that'd be some serious magic).
  • Bug relating to cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) in the callback has been resolved, making it possible to send requests without needing to share the same domain or location. We will introduce a setting in a new settings.json file in the future that will allow you to disable CORS support.
  • Nearly all instances of integer checking (Error Codes) has been replaced with array("error" => error_code).
  • JSON response now fully supports the new per-file Objects. Even when doing IO for a single file, we will reply with something like: ''' PHP array( "test file" => array(. . . file content . . .) ) '''

Build & Test System:

  • Metis compiler has been simplified. The Typescript and PHP compilers are no longer separate, PHP files now are have sha1sum files.
  • Chrome example app for Chrome support testing.
  • Jasmine and Karma Javascript testing suite support to improve testing changes and speeding up the development process.
  • Metis for PHP has a simulator for the test suite, which simulates "real world" IO.
  • Snapshot utility that makes development and stable builds, automatically compressing them into .tar.gz files.

1.4.3 (Released on 22.05.14)

  • Improved callback.php to always return JSON, even when dealing with error or success codes, cleaned up the fileAction in callback code.
  • Core/io.php changes to check if a Node Preferential Location IS set AND is not null, as opposed to just checking if it is null.
  • Changed all is_int checking to is_float as error codes are floats / doubles, not ints.
  • New checking for if the file we are appending to exists, otherwise it'll act as if we're writing to a new file.
  • Cleaned up fileActionHandler returning to always return JSON.
  • Core/sys.php changes to ensure php-cli builds work with Metis, since some php-cli do not have DOCUMENT_ROOT set.
  • Removed framework.php.

1.4.2 (Released on 11.05.14)

  • New Metis class system w/ improved PHP Compiler script that changes our modular code into a unified Class. Implemented ioQueue persistence via LocalStorage. Rather than LocalStorage being automatically set to true when not defined, we first check if the browser supports it.
  • Deprecated all of AtlasUI dependencies.
  • Metis now has a more streamlined HTTP request generator via CURL.

1.4.1 (Released on 25.03.14)

  • Fixes to metisInit() relating to properly finding a Metis installation as well as fetching the nodeList.json file by eliminating the unnecessary post-WHILE loop recursion and just saving using the currentWorkingDirectory var after we've broken out of the WHILE loop after finding a Metis install.

1.4 (Released on 25.02.14)

  • Bash script to easily compile Typescript into Javascript and automatically minify it.
  • Juju Charm for quickly deploying and setting up Metis.
  • Node Groups [DRAFT] and modification of existing functions to support Node Groups.
  • Optional automated multi-node backup

1.3.2 (Released on 04.02.14)

  • Fixes issues where an array merge overwrites multi-dimensional / sub arrays in rare-instances using updateJsonFile().

1.3.1 (Released on 29.12.13)

  • Implementation of client-side (Typescript / Javascript) headless mode to eliminate need for server XHR calls.

1.3 (Released on 18.12.13)

  • Bug fixes
  • HTML5 LocalStorage support and an IO Queue System in Typescript / Javascript implementation.
  • MySQL to JSON functionality to convert MySQL databases / tables to JSON

1.2 (Released on 15.09.13)

  • Typescript bug fixes and 0.9.1 support

1.1 (Released on 20.08.13)

  • Code reduction and improvements
  • Deprecation of FTP in favor of new remote system
  • Typescript / Javascript implementation

1.0 (Released on 30.07.13)

  • Eliminating of die() and replacing with error codes
  • Fixes to folder navigation
  • Fixes to (now deprecated and removed) FTP support.
  • Fixes to single-file reading.
  • Multi-file IO now possible
  • Recursive parent-directory checking in Metis was introduced.

0.9 (Released on 25.04.13)

  • Initial release of Metis

Unless specified otherwise, there are no fixed release dates for major and/or minor releases, nor their revisions.

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