This is the core Go codebase of Metis.
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This is the core Go codebase of Metis, imported by the Metis Go code as well local, client-side metis-cli CLI tool.

metis-pkg is specifically designed to be usable by both first-party and third-party applications in the same way you'd be able to use any other Go package.

The Metis server is developed in the primary Metis repository. If you are looking for Metis releases, please consult that repository. metis-pkg goes through its own versioning system separate from the client-side TypeScript and server-side Go code of Metis.

No external packages are currently needed for metis-pkg.

Note: This package has currently only been tested on Linux-based operating systems and may not work yet on others. The plan is testing on Windows and applying appropriate patches where necessary.


This project leverages CodeUtils for development and adopts the CodeUtils Usage Spec. To learn how to contribute to this project and set up CodeUtils, read here.

You have two supported options for obtaining this package:

  1. You can get the latest codebase by using go get
  2. You can download our latest 0.4.1 stable version

Compiling is done via CodeUtils' Compiler. More information linked in the Spec above.


Usage information is currently not available however will be documented and published on Strobl Industries' Developer Center around the time of the Metis 2.0 release.