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Workshop on getting to top 4% on Kaggle's Titanic using Azure Automated Machine Learning
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Here's what you need in order to attend this workshop:

  • Clone this repository somewhere nice
  • Create a Kaggle account, join the Titanic competition competition, download its data files to the data folder
  • Make sure you have an Azure account with enough credits (~20 EUR should be fine).
  • Install either Miniconda or Anaconda. The Python 3.7 version 🐍
  • Run the following commands inside this directory from the Conda prompt
conda env create -f env.yml -n automl_on_titanic
conda activate automl_on_titanic
pip install --user ipykernel

ipython kernel install --user --name=automl_on_titanic

jupyter notebook
  • If everything runs fine and at the end you can open the auto-ml-and-kaggle.ipynb notebook then congrats, you've conquered this challenge 🥳
  • If something fails, let @vladiliescu or @dotnet18 know about it and they'll help you out

See you at the workshop!

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