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Purpose of this repo

The purpose of this repo is to test, allow the implementation of, further develop and document the Energy Performance Monitoring API developed by Stroomversnelling, Enermatics, Lens, Fifthplay, Swycs and Enervalis.

This API is developed as part of the monitoring norm ( for net-zero energy housing, initially for The Netherlands, but also for other parts of Europe and the world. Monitoring energy performance is an essential requirement for being able to guarantee said energy performance and therefore the financing of the investment necessary to achieve net-zero energy.

What is in this repo

There are several components of this repo:

  1. The API specifications. These specifications are synced FROM SwaggerHub ( as unresolved yaml. It is NOT syncing bidirectionally, so any proposed changes will be reviewed in Github, and then changed in SwaggerHub.
  2. Issues. This is to report bugs and request features while working with the API.
  3. Wiki. This is to document the working of the API and the ecosystem within which it operates.

What is NOT in this repo

Some things that might be very useful for you that are not here, are:

  • CI integration
  • Swagger Editor integration

These were deemed overkill for the situation.

How to work with this repo

Standard Github workflow applies. Additionally:

  1. If you encounter bugs or want to request additional features, please use the "Issues" section. If you are going to work on one of the issues, please assign it to yourself so other people know they shouldn't work on it at the same time.
  2. If you learn something about the API and its implementation, please use the "Wiki" section to add to the documentation.
  3. If the functionality of Swagger is required (e.g. stub generation or visualizing the yaml) and your branch is not yet in SwaggerHub, every company is expected to use their own Swagger Editor, SwaggerHub environment or other yaml editor.

If you need anything in the meantime, please contact the admin,


API for Energy Performance Monitoring (with Swagger syncing)







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