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Strum's Mental VCV Module Suite

Simple but useful modules for VCVRack

Version : v1.0.0

Date : 22nd September 2019

Based largely on the fundamental modules but I have also used some code from other module developers and learned various ways of doing things from the other suites of modules as well.

The modules are mostly utilities, which you can never have enough of, and I have focused on keeping them small to pack a lot of functionality into as little possible screen area.

Jack sockets are now colour coded, hopefully this should make using them more intitutive.

Module List

Chord - Inspired by Q-Bit chord Eurorack module, takes input pitch and builds a chord from it based on various parameters and logic inputs.

Gates - Manual or remotely controllable gates

Logic - Various logic gates

Mults - Simple 2*5 Multiples Muxes - 2 * 2 into 1 muxes and 1 4 into 1 mux

Quantiser - Takes inputs pitchs and quantises to scale selected by buttons for each pitch Also functions as a pitch reference

SubMixer - 4 Channel stereo mixer with pan based on fundametal VCMixer

A/B Switches - A/B switches

Buttons - Buttons for controlling other modules manually 7 On/off switches in the top section and 7 momentary buttons in the lower.

Mixer - 12 Channel Mixer with 2 auxiliary sends and returns and channel mutes.

Clipper - Simple Clipping distortion

Wave Folder - Simple Waver folder

Pitch Shifter - Shift pitches by octaves or semitones

Sums - 2 * 5 into 1 summing mixers, useful for adding cvs for pitch and modulation

Clock Divider - Based on autodafe's clock divider but I've simplified the code, made the gui smaller and added extra divisions 3,5,7 and 12

Cartesian Sequencer - Cartesian sequencer similar to make noise rene.

Patch Matrix - 10 by 10 Patch matrix

Binary decoder - 3 bit binary decoder true at one of 8 outputs dependent on logic state of the 3 inputs

8 way switch - based on binary decoder, switches a signal to one of 8 outputs based on 3 bit selector inputs

8 to 1 Mux - The reverse of the 8 way switch, 8 inputs 1 out selected with 3 logic inputs

Dual Counters - for euclidean rhythms

Knobs - Outputs constants continous or stepped by integer ro semitone, uni or bipolar

Gate Maker - Counter with delay before opening and after closing, cycle or one shot mode - BETA

Patch notes - add notes to a patch

Master Clock - Set a Tempo by BPM and time signature, outputs beat, bar and subdivisions of the beat

Quad LFO - 4 LFOs with cv control and 4 synced modes in a small panel

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