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LFIT is a C++ program for fitting the lightcurves of eclipsing Dwarf Nova. It leans very heavily on Tom Marsh's C++ library for Roche geometry and it's dependencies.

LFIT also have a python (cython) wrapper to allow the computation and fitting of CV lightcurves in the Python programming language.


##C++ program To install the C++ program, edit the Makefile until the line STOP_EDITING. Then simply type

make lfit

to compile the complete C++ program, or

make lfit_fake

to make a simple program that just computes lightcurves

###params LFIT uses a set of 14 parameters to describe a CV. These can be combined with White-Dwarf mass radius measurements to derive the mass and radius of both components in the CV. Routines for this are in the params subdirectory.

##PYTHON BINDINGS The python binding is in the sub-directory "python". As well as numpy, you will also need cython installed to create the wrapper.

Installation proceeds via the usual::

python setup.py install

if you are root, or::

python setup.py install --prefix=

if you are not.

If you want to test the module use

python setup.py build_ext --inplace


None yet.