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@nao-pon nao-pon released this May 19, 2017 · 1135 commits to 2.1 since this release

Changes form previous version

All previous changes is here.

  • [js:options] Fixed #1947 add client option dispInlineRegex for legacy connectors
  • [js:options] Fixed #1948 separate uiOptions.toolbar extra options to uiOptions.toolbarExtra
  • [js:core,php:core] Fixed #1951 set name to uploaded items from clipboard data
  • [js:core,php:core] Fixed #1951 to IE and correction to Firefox
  • [js:core] Fixed #1953 to selectable "Rename" when item name exists on upload
  • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1952 urlencode of results file.url on upload
  • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1959 add connector roots option acceptedDirname
  • [js:core] Fixed #1965 add an option heightBase to client configuration
  • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1974 add an option driverId (prefix of volumeid)
  • [php:connector] Fixed #1975 possible XSS issue on debug mode of connector
  • [VD:FTP] Fixed #1982 problem with connect to Pure-FTPd
  • [php:plugin:Normalizer,Sanitizer] Fixed #1983 upload fails due to unnecessary conversion
  • [cmd:quicklook] Fixed #1985 seek and volume change disabled in Firefox
  • [js:core,cmd:rm,VD:trash] Fixed #1065 add "Trash" feature
  • [php:core] Fixed #1990 sometimes in initial request, pass to bind callback $volume is empty
  • [cmd:rm,trash,restore] Fixed #1991 implementation of restore function
  • [js:core] Fixed #1996 pass an event object as this into binded callback
  • [ui:tree] Fixed #1999 split display of many directories
  • [js:core] Fixed #2005 prevent folder switching heavy as folders increase
  • [VD:abstract] Fixed #2000 elFinderVolumeDriver::imageUtil() is not working properly
  • [plugin:normalizer] Fixed #2004 add an option umlauts
  • [VD:LocalFileSystem] Fixed #2009 corrention of an option keepTimestamp(upload)
  • [ui:cwd,stat] Fixed #2010 sync problem when deleted any items in search results view
  • And some minor bug fixes
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