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Simple, generic, and lightweight Revit Families designed with M4(2) and M4(3) compliance in mind.
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Lightweight Revit Families

Simple, generic, lightweight, and fully parametric Revit Families designed with M4(2) and M4(3) compliance in mind.

3D View

There are an abudance of Revit families available today but these tend to fit into two categories: highly detailed but with large file sizes and resource intensive, or lightweight but inflexible. This repository of families intends to fill the missing niche: high quality but lightweight families that are fully parametric.

By using only basic geometry we ensure the file sizes remain low, while still providing an indicative design when viewed in plan, section, and elevation.

Plan View

Each family is fully parametric, that means, for example, that instead of having five different families for different table sizes and chair layouts we have just a single family and the quantity and positioning of the chairs is controlled through parameters.

Table Example

This adds a fantastic amount of adjustability to the families, if say you would like to illustrate the difference in size of a table with its chairs drawn out compared to tucked in this can easily be shown by adjusting a single parameter.

Table Example

Another niche these families intend to fill is that of standardised sizing. Instead of using estimated sizes we have drawn dimensions from the Appendix D Furniture Schedule of Approved Document M, as such they're ideal for proving compliance with Building Regulations.

Finally, you'll find families that are commonly used together combined into Layout Families. Therefore, instead of laboriously placing a sofa, a coffee table, TV, and media unit individually into each room you design you can just place the Lounge Layout family and flip between the different arrangements to find the one that suits the room.

Lounge Layout Example



Family Type
LE Basin 600x450mm Hand Wash Basin
LE Basin 350x200mm Hand Rinse Basin
LE Basin: 2
LE Bath 1700x700mm Bath
LE Bath 1800x800mm Bath
LE Bath: 2
LE Bed 1500x2000mm King Double
LE Bed 1350x1900mm Standard Double
LE Bed 900x1900mm Single
LE Bed: 3
LE Chair 450mm Standard
LE Chair: 1
LE Desk 1050x500mm Small Desk
LE Desk 1400x600mm Medium Desk
LE Desk 1200x800mm Medium Desk
LE Desk 1600x800mm Large Desk
LE Desk: 4
LE Screen 650x220mm TV
LE Screen 1100x220mm TV 49""
LE Screen 550x180mm Monitor 24""
LE Screen: 3
LE Shower 1200x800mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1200x1000mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1000x1000mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1400x800mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1200x800mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1500x800mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1800x800mm Shower Tray
LE Shower 1800x900mm Shower Tray
LE Shower: 8
LE Shower Room Layout 2200x1550mm Shower Room
LE Shower Room Layout: 1
LE Sofa 850x850mm Armchair
LE Sofa 1300x850mm 2 Seat Sofa
LE Sofa 1850x850mm 3 Seat Sofa
LE Sofa: 3
LE Storage 1200x600mm Double Wardrobe
LE Storage 1800x600mm Large Wardobe
LE Storage 450x450mm Occasional Table
LE Storage 750x450mm Chest of Drawers
LE Storage 1050x500mm Coffee Table
LE Storage 500x1000mm Storage Unit 2 Person
LE Storage 500x1500mm Storage Unit 4 Person
LE Storage 500x2000mm Storage Unit 5 Person
LE Storage: 8
LE Table 800x800mm 2 Person
LE Table 800x1200mm 4 Person
LE Table 800x1500mm 6 Person
LE Table 800x1800mm 8 Person
LE Table 800x2300mm 10 Person
LE Table 800x2800mm 12 Person
LE Table: 6
LE WC 700x500mm
LE WC: 1


Family Type
LE Bathroom Layout 2000x2150mm M4(2) Bathroom
LE Bathroom Layout: 1
LE Kitchen Run 650x600m Casework
LE Kitchen Run: 1
LE Kitchen U-Shaped 650x600m Casework
LE Kitchen U-Shaped: 1
LE Lounge Layout 4 Person Corner - 2 Seat and 2 Seat
LE Lounge Layout 4 Person Corner - 3 Seat and Armchair
LE Lounge Layout 6 Person - 3 Seat, 2 Seat, and Armchair
LE Lounge Layout 6 Person Corner - 3 Seat and 3 Seat
LE Lounge Layout 9 Person - 3 Seat, 3 Seat, and 3 Seat
LE Lounge Layout: 5


Families can either be downloaded individually or as a zip archive of the full repository


I'm always on the look out for collaborators so feel free to get in touch, suggest new features, or just fork the repository to add your own families at will.

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