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Tact Hardware

Tact sensor schematics - electronic circuits that enable experiments with capacitive sensing.

This project belongs to the following repositories:


Basic Tact Sensor Circuit

The Tact circuit is based on Mads Hobye's capacitive touch Arduino Tutorial. You will need the following components to set up a basic version:

  • 1× 1N4148 diode
  • 1× 10mH coil


  • 1× 100pF
  • 1× 10nF


  • 1× 3,3k
  • 1× 10k
  • 1× 1M

The following Frizing sketches illustrate how to set up a Tact sensor. Each of them are kept as simple as possible, essentially only requireing a breadboard and jumper wires to hookup everything to the Arduino.

Single Sensor Setup

Breadboard setup for Tact single sensor

Download the Fritzing sketch - or browse the corresponding project folder in this repository.

Multiplexed Sensor Setup

Breadboard setup for Tact Multiplexed sensor

Download the Fritzing sketch for detailed investigation - or check the corresponding project folder in this repository.


All source files that are required to modify and extend circuits are contained within th download and also available on github.


Any questions or feedback? Contact me on twitter. For bug reports, please use the issue tracker.

Who made this?

The material in this repository has been developed by Studio NAND. It’s based on many smart ideas – so cheers to everyone who contributed her/his time to investigate capacitive technology! Special thanks to the team around Ivan Poupyrev for all the research within this field and Mads Hobye for his Arduino tutorial about advanced touch sensing. All of that has been a big help and inspiration.


Copyright (c) 2014 Studio NAND. Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. See license.txt for further details.

Any example code is released into the public domain.