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qBit Manage

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This is a program used to manage your qBittorrent instance such as:

  • Tag torrents based on tracker URLs
  • Apply category based on save_path to uncategorized torrents in category's save_path
  • Change categories based on current category (cat_change)
  • Remove unregistered torrents (delete data & torrent if it is not being cross-seeded, otherwise it will just remove the torrent)
  • Automatically add cross-seed torrents in paused state. *Note: cross-seed now allows for torrent injections directly to qBit, making this feature rarely needed/used.*
  • Recheck paused torrents sorted by lowest size and resume if completed
  • Remove orphaned files from your root directory that are not referenced by qBittorrent
  • Tag any torrents that have no hard links outside the root folder (for multi-file torrents the largest file is used)
  • Apply share limits based on groups filtered by tags/categories and allows optional cleanup to delete these torrents and contents based on maximum ratio and/or time seeded. Additionally allows for a minimum seed time to ensure tracker rules are respected and minimum number of seeders to keep torrents alive.
  • RecycleBin function to move files into a RecycleBin folder instead of deleting the data directly when deleting a torrent
  • Built-in scheduler to run the script every x minutes. (Can use --run command to run without the scheduler)
  • Webhook notifications with Notifiarr and Apprise API integration

Supported Qbittorrent Versions


master - qBittorrent version

master - qbittorrent-api version


develop - qBittorrent version

develop - qbittorrent-api version

Getting Started

Check out the wiki for installation help

  1. Install qbit_manage either by installing Python 3.8.1+ on the localhost and following the Local Installation Guide or by installing Docker and following the Docker Installation Guide or the unRAID Installation Guide.
  2. Once installed, you have to set up your Configuration by create a Configuration File filled with all your values to connect to your qBittorrent instance.
  3. Please refer to the list of Commands that can be used with this tool.


To run the script in an interactive terminal with a list of possible commands run:

python -h


  • If you have any questions or require support please join the Notifiarr Discord and post your question under the qbit-manage channel.
  • If you're getting an Error or have an Enhancement post in the Issues.
  • If you have a configuration question post in the Discussions.
  • Pull Request are welcome but please submit them to the develop branch.


This tool will help manage tedious tasks in qBittorrent and automate them. Tag, categorize, remove Orphaned data, remove unregistered torrents and much much more.







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