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Added documentation for file specific compression

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@@ -287,6 +287,7 @@ <h4 id="doc_file_name">file(name)</h4>
<li><code>binary</code>, boolean, cf <a href="#doc_file_name_data_options">file(name, data [,options])</a></li>
<li><code>dir</code>, boolean, true if this is a directory</li>
<li><code>date</code>, date, cf <a href="#doc_file_name_data_options">file(name, data [,options])</a></li>
+ <li><code>compression</code>, String, cf <a href="#doc_file_name_data_options">file(name, data [,options])</a></li>
<li><code>asText()</code>, string, the content as an utf8 string (utf8 encoded if necessary).</li>
@@ -357,6 +358,7 @@ <h4 id="doc_file_name_data_options">file(name, data [,options])</h4>
UTF-8 characters will be encoded. If the data is an ArrayBuffer or an Uint8Array, this will be set to true.</li>
<li><code>date</code> (Date) use it to specify the last modification date.
If not set the current date is used.</li>
+ <li><code>compression</code> (String), default null. If set, specifies the file compression method to use. If not, the default file compression is used, cf <a href="#doc_generate_options">generate(options)</a>.</li>
<li><code>optimizedBinaryString</code> (boolean), default false. Set it to true if (and only if) the input
has already been prepared with a 0xFF mask.</li>
@@ -443,7 +445,7 @@ <h4 id="doc_generate_options">generate(options)</h4>
<li><code>base64</code> (boolean) <strong>deprecated</strong>, use "type" instead. <code>false</code> to get the result as a raw byte string.
Default : <code>true</code>, encode as base64.</li>
- <li><code>compression</code> (String) the compression method to use. <code>"STORE"</code> (no compression) by default,
+ <li><code>compression</code> (String) the default file compression method to use. <code>"STORE"</code> (no compression) by default,
you can use <code>"DEFLATE"</code> (include the file jszip-deflate.js) or write your own.</li>
<li><code>type</code> (String) the type of zip to return. The possible values are :

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