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; Flite Configuration
; Use cache (yes, no - defaults to no)
; If usecache=yes, a directory to store waveform cache files.
; The cache is never cleared (yet), so you must take care of cleaning it
; yourself (just delete any or all files from the cache).
; THIS DIRECTORY *MUST* EXIST and must be writable from the asterisk process.
; Defaults to /tmp/
; Voice name (defaults to kal)
; Available voices (for flite 1.4):
; kal (American male)
; rms (American male)
; awb (Scottish male)
; slt (American female)
; Target sample rate for the generated sound files in Hz (default is 8000)
; For now app_flite supports generation of 8000Hz or 16000Hz sound files
; so possible values are only 8000 and 16000. If set to another value it will
; automatically fall back to 8000Hz.
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