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CodeIgniter base controller classes for a better code structure.
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CodeIgniter Base Controllers

CodeIgniter base controller classes for a better code structure and DRYer controller classes.

It takes advantage of PHP 5's autoloading capabilities to include a class file when that class is referenced, allowing CI libraries to extend classes that have not yet been loaded.


  • Move each file to its corresponding directory.
  • Enable hooks in application/config/config.php file: $config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;
  • Merge repository's hooks.php config file with your own at application/config/hooks.php to avoid loosing your current hooks.
  • If using Modular Extensions and you want the HMVC feature in place, Alter MY_Model to extend MX_Controller instead of CI_Controller class.


  • Move application common logic of controllers to application/core/Public_Controller.php or application/core/Admin_Controller.php files or make your own, e.g. Accounts_Controller.
  • Alter application controller classes to extend either Public_Controller or Admin_Controller (or the one you make) instead of CI_Controller class.
  • Sample controllers can be found in core/sample/ directory.

References and read more

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