Adds a coordinates field to Advanced Custom Fields. This field allows you to find the coordinates of a location.
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Advanced Custom Fields Coordinates

This add-on to Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) makes it easy to add coordinates to your posts by choosing the location on a visual map or by searching for an address.

We developed at it Stupid Studio because we felt that the existing alternatives — like ACF { Location Field — were lacking and that we could do better.

This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See gpl.txt included with this software for more detail.



Install this plugin by downloading the source and unzipping it into the plugin folder in your WordPress installation. Make sure to also have ACF installed.

Then when you create a new custom field with ACF, set the field type to Coordinates map. Now the coordinates chooser should show up when you edit a post with your custom fields.


To get the coordinates data in your frontend, simply request the field value and in return you get the latitude, longitude and the address.

$values = get_field('*****FIELD_NAME*****');
$lat = $values['lat'];
$lng = $values['lng'];
$address = $values['address'];

Address is not the exact, correct name of the location. Instead it is the term you wrote when searching for the coordinates.